My American Degree is a free service for international students. We decided to create this website as the next logical step in our evolution of recruiting and advising international students on studying in the US.

After several years of building a model for recruiting and advising international students that works we believe that the timing is right to take this formula to a wider audience. The Internet is the perfect tool to facilitate this goal because of its global reach.

My American Degree takes you through clear and logical steps which remove the mystery surrounding how to study at a US university. We teach you how to identify and achieve your study goals. And lend you support, encouragement, insight and comprehension when you experience ups and downs. No matter your circumstance we are confident that My American Degree will give you the know-how to get in, and achieve success at any US university.

With the Internet being so easily accessible we know that any quack can string together some pages and claim to be an expert in the field of international students and higher education in the US. We sincerely hope that the content on our pages speaks for itself and that you are able to find value from it. We also understand that it’s human nature to want to know more about the people you are dealing with and so we created this page to satisfy that curiosity.

Thank you for taking the time to meet us, we look forward to getting to know you better – maybe at one of your live seminars in your country, a global online chat session, or when you finally make it to the US.

We know you will enjoy the website, and please keep us updated on your progress as you move through your university. Each persons unique story provides opportunity to help others with the same dream.