Gambia Recruiting Trip 2012 – Part 2

by Professor_B

Had a wonderful session at the American Corner on Friday afternoon, May 25, in Banjul Gambia.  The Corner, associated with the EAC, is a standard offering from the US government.  It features internet access to look up various education sites, books, catalogs, and a library.  From all accounts, it is a much accessed place in the heart of Serekunda.

I had a great session with about 20 prospective students who were a fantastic listening audience.  The audience at the Corner were a bit more attuned to the cost realities of attending university in the USA.  They were also more defined and focused in their planning. Tribute to Martha and Papa Njie is in order!

I was live on the radio for the third time in a university forum last night. Will also be meeting with a selection of University of Gambia students interested in advanced degrees.  This stemmed from meeting a few industrious students at the Corner.

The lesson for prospective students is to do the initial research.  A recruiter or counselor will invest more time in you if it appears that you have a bit of direction, you have done some due diligence, and you are focused.  In today’s world, all the basic information is out there. Google is a wonderful tool.

Despite the spectacular rain, I expect a restful weekend in a fantastic place. My Saturday sessions were canceled due to the weather.  Gambians do not handle dry season rain well. Hopefully we can get those same people to attend one of our Monday sessions.

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