Question of the Week – Why Several Nursing Majors Get A 214(b) Visa Rejection?

by neville

This week’s Question of the Week comes from Emma, an aspiring Nursing student.


Emma is accepted to study Nursing at a US university, the school’s entry requirements appear to be very low, she has no ties to the US and intends to return home after study and she has a family member as her sponsor. You can see Emma’s full comment here.

Professor_B’s Answer:

This is tricky for several reasons. If you have been admitted for nursing and your home language is not English, then that school is not only shallow but irresponsible.

I am guessing by your letter that your are from an English speaking country, so the lack of a TOEFL is not a problem.

Nursing is tricky. Logic says that the visa officer has to deny you a visa if he\she is truly abiding by 214(b).

The reason is that economically, nothing justifies paying US tuition rates only to go back to most developing countries with a nursing degree when there are so many lucrative options in the USA.

Nursing is a well known and highly regarded migration profession. I would venture to say that most of the nursing students who enter the United States from developing countries do not voluntarily return to their home country after study.

The consulates are well aware of those statistics. So the chances of them believing any story you may offer as justification for return would be minimal. They would have to accept that you are willing to act against your own economic interests.

PLEASE be ready to give a strong argument to counter that degree of logical skepticism:

WHY in Heaven’s name would you want a US nursing degree, something routinely available in your country at minimal cost, unless you intend to get the payoff in the USA?

If you can answer this question to satisfy the visa officer, then your chances elevate from slim to unlikely and with the proverbial “uncle” as sponsor that is another major hurdle to overcome.

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Nasy May 10, 2013 at 12:14 am

I am so glad I found this website.
I was reading through the comments on Student Visa Interview section and was led to this part and thought my case might be similliar.
I am Iranian and currently studying in an Armenian medical school . I study dentistry ( In English ) and will graduate in one month. I am 22 years old.
I am planning to go for my residency to US as it is nearly impossible to do that in my home country as there are very limited spaces for girls.I am planning to go back to Iran after I graduate since I will be one of few female specialists in my city. I also have a home on my name in Iran.
I reffered to an adviser and she suggested me to apply for Boston Kaplan International College for an intensive English course as a premaster.
I don’t have TOEFL or IELTS. And I don’t have much time since we are allowed to apply for a f1 as long as we are student in Armenia.
My parents who live in Iran will financially support me.
The tuition fee for the year is 10000$ which I am going to pay in a week. And I will have about 50000$ as my bank statement. my dad also hast properties and lands.
I have no relatives in US. But there are some of my Dad’s friends who are American.
I want to know how can I prove that I will go back to my country after I graduate? I am passionate to serve my people and I will have very high income in Iran after I graduate but it is very hard to prove my intentions.
I am also worry about not having a TOEFL or IELTS.? Do I need to have any of them eventhough I applied for an English College which doese not require those?
Shall I tell the VO that I am planning to go for my dental residency program to US?
Since this is my first time applying for a F1 visa and I have no experience I need your advice and would like to know what are my chances ? How can I improve my situation?

I’ll be grateful if you help me Professor.


hannah ramirez September 13, 2012 at 4:30 am

Hi everyone,
just had the chance to read through this. This is a sad reality, i was optimistic at first into pursuing a higher degree in nursing in the us, but now, im skeptical about it. I don’t know if i should even try to apply. To professor B, i have another question, if ever i do pursue applying for an F1 visa and since i have a tourist visa for ten years, if ever i get rejected, i hope not. do you know if they will also take back my tourist visa? will that be automatic? Will wait for your reply. Thank you!


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