Recruiting in Zimbabwe – Winter 2012 Trip

by Professor_B

zimbabwe flagZimbabwe is often in the news for political events. Yet the country maintains a calmness that seems to defy and create a myth of its turbulent recent past and legacy of oppression and suppression of human rights in its former days as Rhodesia.

Zimbabwe, like South Africa, is still a multi racial society with notably gross disparities in income and earnings between its black and white populations. But what is outstanding and uplifting about this society is the respect, even reverence that education and academic achievement commands. The schools are many and varied. But secondary schools are legendary with active parent involvement and great history and legacies.

A visit to one of these would be a stunning eye opener for any American. The silence is deafening; the uniforms smart; the respect and courteousness abundant. It is an amazing environment to witness. Learning is happening everywhere as students prepare to tackle the tough British style curriculum that ends with A Levels.

I had the pleasure of visiting Gateway and Eastlands on this occasion. Previously I visited St. Johns, Peter House, and Lomagundi all legendary centers of learning. I found that there was a yearning for higher education but a lack of belief that the United States would be a realistic option. The pervasive myth that a US visa is difficult to procure endures here as it does in other African countries.

I will revisit this country later this year because the US has something to offer that is both needed and wanted. The universities in Zimbabwe are in a state of recovery but still do not offer all the students seek under the best circumstances. South Africa is a popular destination but protectionism is becoming an issue there. Zim students have gone to Malaysia and Cyprus, often with mixed results. We have actually had some of them come to us as transfers.

Our counterpart, Global Education in Harare, will be making some further contacts with schools in Bulawayo for my next visit. Subscribe or send us an email if you want to know about my trip later this year.

If you are an aspiring or current US university student from Zimbabwe leave us a comment below and tell us about your challenges, and success stories.

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